Coach commitment is 2 practices per week (usually running 1hr) for 6 weeks, starting the first week in May through the second week in June. In season, the coach is responsible for leading a group of 10-12 players through a series of drills and stations, with a focus on fundamentals and development. The coach may also choose to organize intersquad or scrimmages amoungst the other small groups. Coach may also be asked to be responsible for getting their practice equipment (balls, cones, goals, etc.) to/from practice. All equipment is provided by FMYLA. Based on enrollment, each division usually requires 5-6 coaches. 

Assistant Coach

Assists coach in running team practices.  Leads practice when coach is not available.  

Team Manager

Team Manager is responsible for assisting the coaches when needed during scheduled practices. Examples include but are not limited to; checking players in the first week, helping to send communications if neccessary, taking kids to the bathroom and adjusting equipment (Pre-K). One Team Manager per division.


FMYLA Equipment Manager

Equipment Manager is responsible for the FMYLA equipment leasing program, inventory and organization of the FMYLA trailer and equipment maintenence and quality. Commitment is generally 1-2 days prior to the start of the season for lease distribution and inventory/organization for team equipment and 1-2 days at the end of the season for collection. Responsibilities also include communication to coaches when season equipment is ready for distribution and to lease families for scheduled pickup and drop off dates. 

ULA Field Coordinator

Working under the direction of the ULA Coordinator, the ULA Field Coordinator is responsible for set up, monitoring during and clean up of fields for FM ULA HOME games at FMHS. Field Coordinator is also responsible for communicating to the coaches if there are field issues (unplayable or flooded), weather delays or cancellations prior to the contest. Commitment is 5 weeks from the week of June 13th through the week of July 18th. Games are played Mon, Tues and Wed evenings. This role can be split amoungst multiple volunteers if needed.