Q: Will my personal information I provide online be protected?
The FMYLA Website is designed to allow parents to have complete control over their personal information listed on the website. During registration, you may have noticed checkboxes next to certain fields. These control whether (checked) or not (un-checked) information is visible on team pages. Simply go to the Edit My Account under the HOME tab of the website, update your family member's personal profile and uncheck the information boxes to exclude information from public display on the website. Otherwise, personal information may be displayed (such as: Name, Address, Phone number(s).

Q: What equipment is required?
Boys:  PK/Kindergarten-lacrosse stick, helmet, cleats, mouthguard & protective cup.  Boys: 1st-6th grade-lacrosse stick, helmet, gloves, armpads, shoulderpads, cleats, mouthguard & protective cup.  Girls: - All grades require lacrosse stick, goggles, cleats and mouthguard.

Q: How old does my son/daughter have to be in order to play?  
All children who are in grades PK-6th are eligible to play in the Spring FMYLA session. Pre-K children must be 4 years old by 1 April of the season to be eligible to play.

All children who are in grades 7th/8th are eligible for TRAVEL TEAM ONLY.  There is NO SPRING Lacrosse for 7th/8th grade boys or girls through FMYLA.           

Frequently asked ULA(Travel Team) Questions:


Q: What age group am I in if I am currently in 6th grade?

You would play on 5/6 grade team. You play on your current grade team…not the grade you will be in the fall.



Q: Do I have to sign up for FMYLA if I want to play ULA?

Yes, if you are in 3rd-6th grade you must sign up to play both.




Q: Can my son or daughter play up if they have lots of experience?

No, they must play with their grade.



Q: Where are the ULA games held?

They are held around central New York, usually within 30 minutes of home.



Q: What day will my son/daughter play Travel Team Lacrosse?

3/4's play on Mondays, 5/6’s play on Tuesdays and 7/8’s play on Wednesday nights. Game times will be announced but they are usually between 5:30 and 7:30 pm



Q: When will we have game schedules?

Game schedules usually come out the first week in June.



Q: Can I still sign up for ULA after the cut off date?

No, at that time teams have to be firmed up and rosters have to be submitted.



Q: Will we play a game at FM?

Yes, we usually schedule 2-3 games each year at FM which is held at the high school.



Q: What if I cannot make all the games?

It is understandable you may miss one or two games but if you know you will miss more than that please do not sign up for ULA.

Q: Is FMYLA Travel right for my child?
It is STRONGLY encouraged that players who sign up for FMYLA travel have two years experience.