Coaches, Parents and Girls Lacrosse Players


As many of you know the sport of girls lacrosse is seeing some major changes take place, most importantly centered around player safety, namely to the head.


The past 2 seasons our varsity team was part of the proto-type testing of the Cascade LX Headgear; with that many of you were well aware of what had been in the works.


Below is a link to the Cascade website for more information.


As of today the state of New York has not mandate the use of this headgear in high school girls lacrosse.  However, the state of Florida has mandated it, and in my professional opinion, in the next couple of years we will see it be mandated her in NY.


I am pleased to inform you that FM is working with Cascade and Graph-Tex Sports in Cortland to provide this headgear to you at a discounted price.


As stated previously FM, nor Section 3 or NYSPHSAA is mandating these helmets.  But if you wish to purchase a helmet this simply is a method to do so and save you some money. 


Attached you will find the Splash Page from Graph-Tex.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.




Best Wishes

Scott Sugar

Cascade LX Helmet Special Offer